Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You're Gonna Fake It After All

You're Gonna Fake It After All

The overly observant among my dwindling fellowship (and for that fact, I have only myself to blame) might have noted that a certain person is rarely if ever 'profiled' anymore - seemingly gone from headlining Carnegie Hall to demonstrating time-saving devices at a local supermarket, as it were.

This removal from a minor-league photoshop gadfly's A-list of pixilated playthings is due in part to the subject's own diminished capacity for purveying political self-aggrandizement into electoral success, as their ideological perversions became subsumed into a grabastic pattern of personal grift... possibly because of a glint of interior knowledge that the Big Prize for showing a bit of leg and saying something outrageous has skittered away across the tiles forever, and baby still needs new Ferragamos.

Yet journalists gnaw at the bleached bones of such petty infamy, looking to find relevance and gravitas upon an entity which cannot sustain either.

Here is a rather pointed question: Why should anyone believe a so-called journalist in this day and age, especially ones who contradict themselves a few years after the fact?
There is no credibility to be found by me in bought-and-paid-for opinions jotted by corporate minions, and no point in accepting such opinions as a form of honest reporting unless one wishes to fool themselves into a coma.
I was raised to respect the craft of investigative journalism used as a spur to public awareness, and perhaps even justice or hoped-for change...but sadly, that era has passed and nothing has risen to take its mantle in this neo-conformist, go-along-to-get-along-or-else age.

Frankly, whether or not one one has questions regarding the murky circumstances - and any thinking person regardless of their ideology should - if we are to accept someone's own account of a frenzied hejira from state to state, supposedly performed so that an at-risk baby could be born in a desired homeland - the simplest, starkest explanation on offer is that someone wanted that baby to die, and didn't give a damn how it happened...in a plane, on the road, in the maternity ward or wherever...if we take their statements as a form of unqualified truth.

Therefore, my personal binary is this: either it's all a set of lies to cover up some deep-seated familial dysfunction...or it's all another set of lies to cover up a failed prenatal murder plot.

And that's who could have been within a shaky heartbeat of the presidency three years ago, should tits and ass wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross have won the day over reason.

Enjoy the sunset, America.


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