Monday, April 04, 2011

Blogging Macht Frei

'I'm wearing your panties'

A lot of hoopla lately over l'affaires HuffPo of late...various newsy items, casual disinformation and outright knee-slappers being proffered to a guileless public.

For example, take the 'no longer left' brou-hardy-har-har...please.

Technically, if HuffPo had even a scrap of socialistic pretense it would be a non-profit with a begging bowl button.

(Pause while I adjust my tie)

Let's quickly dispense with that alluring mirage, call it a New Media capitalist thought dispensary and move on.

A quick thought on subjective context, take it as one wills.

I think that a lot of people drawn to islets of community during the recent express ride to the Dark F*cking Ages wanted their own 'quasi-socialist news outlet with gossip 'n recipes' very badly - bold adventurers seeking compatriots, conspirators, or maybe even hot steamy approval for their own subjective biases - who willed such a thing to be so...and made it so.

Since not everybody getting onto the Internet in those wacky, zany 2000's was a raging me-me-mehadist (hard to believe, I know)....what we have is a triumph of implicative branding over reality.


However, and typical of all other media games 'it's all the news that fits'...the agenda of the principals.

Visualize the background of one such principal...Investor class, not playing a game for little people and no real reason to care about anything save portfolio depletion, and therefore my internal binary contrasting oscillates between 'sounds like bullshit, Maurice' and 'whatta darling deep pockets do-gooder'.

Gah, set my hair on fire now, a sugar mommy with a heart - and of course we all know the worst kind of 'liberal' (my sincere apologies for using a devalued, deprecated word) is one who just wants to help the unwashed.

DoublePlus Phooey.

Regarding 'working for free' - When my viewers come to visit for a time during their day, they get some things unique to this location.
This is the only blog that has all my public art works, located somewhere back in time and to the right...and most of the Youtubes still work - at least until the next round of corporate lawsuit wars.

It doesn't cost anything to look, and coming up on 5 years in this racket the returns have dwindled somewhat...but so what?
Although what I perform within these confines is a very secondary consideration to the rest of my life, I'll continue to provide it here at my leisure to those with an interest...and I'm not at liberty to enrich the wealthy for 'exposure', or some other ephemeral conceit. Pay the writer!

So how 'bout that sale?

And all the fuss being raised by an outraged community, amplified by the bored editors of old media conzerns? Breathtaking...but so's a yawn. Business as usual, a big fish late to the party looks to splash out into that big steaming pool of page stats and ad views. Who needs relevance when one has commercial viability?

Tell you one thing - being a comment editor sucked ass. But I was only a pawn in the game of life.

And if I modded you, you deserved it. You betcha.


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