Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Does Your Koch Taste Different Lately?

Koch Sucker

...Thanks for the laffs galore there, Arbuckle.

As for 'Hell', paid it a visit last decade, pal - it was called the Bush Administration.



Rehctaw said...

As someone whose daily plasma relies on a gallon of "the real thing" daily, I'm oddly offended.

As a barely restrained DFH whose optimism has been sorely sapped, I find myself buoyed by your steady and freely given talents.

While I'm saddened that you live in such a target-rich environment and dearly wish for you to be contented by less dire stakes than people's lives. I am thankful you are here to lend much needed context to my daily grind.

A suggestion? A side-bar link to your repository/gallery of images so more people can marvel at your marksmanship.

Thanks again for today's load-lightener.

Rehctaw said...

Doh! Found the link. Right there. Bigger `n' shit. If it were a snake...

And just what the doctor ordered.

darkblack said...

Thank you very much, Rehctaw.
Hopefully I haven't spoiled your enjoyment of a beverage of choice permanently.


I've attempted over the years to gently (or not so gently, in some respects) tweak the irony bone of my American correspondents and others with an interest, aiming reasonably high yet somehow hitting a good infidel should.

A minor-league jester such as Breitbart (who can't get through a mildly interrogative interview without stumbling over his contradictory agenda) would normally be somewhat below my perception, but due to his aggressive hubris he has risen above his station and into my frame of artistic reference. Lucky boy!

Should he persist with his pernicious nonsense (offered as verbal chaff to deflect responsibility for his actions), then you and others might yet see him again in some sort of provocative display. Stay tuned.