Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Irrational Purview

The Irrational Purview

Seriously, now.



Rehctaw said...

I. am. left. speechless.

Which somewhat explains the raging debate over the positioning of the deck chairs and seating arrangements at the Captain's table while New Rome burns, to mix a metaphor or three. (Which is a commonplace accepted practice these days.)

How much of our present predicament would vaporize by the frank, honest admission that RWR was a tool? His policies a scam and his apostles the lowest form of life. Unmasking the psychophants (sic) hiding beneath his it were...

zencomix said...

Superb work!

darkblack said...

To contradict the RWR hagiography in any way is far too difficult a task for the indoctrinated masses to undertake, Rehctaw.
That would portend (among other things) a 'revaluation of all values' that could debase those living who benefit from the illusions, and America is not prepared to give up its precious fiction maintenance...yet.

So the bleeding continues, unstaunched.



Thank you, ZC - One hopes that there is new work from your pen to enjoy soon.