Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Overnight

The Ed Bickert trio (with Don Thompson and Claude Ranger), Easy To Love, 1979.

Joni Mitchell, A Chair In The Sky, 1979.

Charles Mingus, with Jimmy Knepper, Shafi Hadi, Wade Legge, and Dannie Richmond, Invisible Lady, 1957.

Albert Ayler, with Niels Brosted, Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen and Ronnie Gardiner, Billie's Bounce, 1963.


Tengrain said...

DB -

In your musical career, what do you play? I think you mentioned it once, but now I cannot remember.

Anyway, I enjoy your selections very much - you so often hit my mood -- especially on Sundays.



darkblack said...

I'm glad that you enjoy the selections, 10G. The concept of swing-based improvisation certainly lends itself to a Sunday, no?

My formal training and predominant employment for years was in the bass chair - the MySpace link on my blog has some ancient examples of my minor talent for this enterprise.


Cirze said...

Sorry I got to this late, DB (the snake pic ahead of it didn't invite me back quickly).

I was thrilled remembering when I was given the Mingus album in '79 for my birthday as I partook of your Joni selection. Just lovely.

Thanks again.


"and shook me down for alibis"