Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is it safe?

Are You Safe?

...To release a self-laudatory memoir in the wake of a near decade of staggering malfeasance and hubristic ineptitude that one had an active hand in creating and promoting?

Karl Rove thinks so. No doubt George W. Bush will be adding this tome to his superhuman reading list next year, right between the Going Rogue coloring book and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.



zencomix said...

Is Zell's clove oil covered by the the health reform bill?

I'll see your Nazi, and raisie you 2 Communists!

Randal Graves said...

Don't forget Superfudge.

Larue said...

Dustin Hoffman is quivering in his dental chair.

We, thankfully, KNOW not to give these fucks a license to practice, anymore.

And certainly, anyless.

I DO have the right movie, don't I????


Rehctaw said...

I sincerely hope all of the asshat fucktards write tomes detailing their deepest thoughts, wishes, hopes, dreams and accusations of democrat(sic)malfeasance.

Seeing that our so-called JUSTICE department is uninterested in prosecuting the political criminals who openly used the constitution as toilet paper, and the MSM is incapable of moving beyond treating it all as just the way the game is played and the national attention span is more fleeting than... what was I talking about?

Oh yeah. How the dirty fucking hippies and democrats have destroyed our country.

darkblack said...

You're raising communists, ZC? - state-run daycare, here we come!

The words in that tome are too embiggerenated for such a splendiferous bibliomaniac, Randal.
Indeed you did, Larue - and Karl Christian Szell can keep as many lies as he can swallow.
The dirty hippies did destroy your country, Rehctaw - After they dodged the draft, got a haircut and joined the GOP, that is.


Distributorcap said...

where do these publishers get all this money to pay people like Rove and Palin and Cheney

darkblack said...

Interesting question, DCap - Of course, who knows if the contracts are 'lump sum' payments or spread out over time allowing a degree of recoupment for the publisher...And in the case of outlets like Regnery, there are some rather deep pockets in favor of that particular ideology, no matter how twisted the expression that enable large-scale distribution and wholesale pricing of such works.

The sweet vexation with the concept of 'freedom of the press' is its inclusive nature...That with lucidity and reason one must also accept mendacity and demagogic ranting as a co-existant state. However, such freedoms honor the inherent right to publish their ideas, as they do the right to heckle those concepts unmercifully wherever they appear.