Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Overnight

Sarah Vaughan, with Maynard Ferguson, Chuck Mangione, Don Cherry, Al Hirt, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and Billy Higgins, Bags' Groove, 1986.

The Hampton Hawes trio (Red Mitchell and Shelly Manne), Walkin', 1955.

Charlie Mariano, Autumn In New York, 1951.

John Coltrane and Stan Getz, with Oscar Peterson, Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb, Hackensack, 1960.


Distributorcap said...

anything with sarah vaughan is worth listening to

Cirze said...

Sheeeesh, db.

You win.


darkblack said...

That's affirmative, DCap - Anita O'Day, for me also.
I win, Suzan? What do I get?

'I'd like to thank the Academy...'


Larue said...

I can count on one hand the number of people I've known that knew Who Da Phook Shelley Masnne was.

And two of them peeps were college professors.

One from the mid 70's in junior college.

The other from a 4 year college in '93 or so.

Shelley Manne.

Cool School Left Coast Stix.

Damn, is there NOTHING you don't know?


Larue said...

Ok, I'm gonna soil myself on yer FIRST vid up above.

I saw similar configurations in the early to mid 70's at Oakland Coliseum (A's Ballpark) with the same players.

Wow, THAT'S a phreakin lineup!!

Yer dawg, hoss, and I bow to yer wow.


Larue said...

Ok, I give up, Al Hirt cleans up the rest of them..
Damn, talk about underrated . . .

He just cleans the clock once his turn comes 'round!


Larue said...

And alas, yet another comment.

I was out pickin tonite, I'm full of the music.


Sarah, Ron, Herbie!!!

LORD!! The lineup!!!

Killin me.


Don't ever stop . . .

Larue said...

Ah shit, yet another groveling platitude to the musical genius of DB.

The Trane? I've not seen nor heard enough of him to tell why this is NOT his fuckin best, evah.

Getz? Duh!

Peterson? Aside from The Onliest . . . best.

Don't know a lot about Chambers, but Cobb was the stix man, no?

Sigh, what great stuff DB.

What great stuff.

All this after a night of pickin dobro with some americana, new grass, old grass, pop hits, and american and Dead and Rondstadt and Buffalo Springfield tunes.

As Herb Cain once penned on an album, he saw blues, jazz, and and something else all in one Friday night, long ago in the Bay Area.

But he had the voices of Marty Balin and Signe Toly
Anderson doing "Come Up The Years" in his head when he went to sleep that morning.

High praise, as should your picks for this whole run, should receive.

You amaze, and delight, hoss.

Gotta bless ya for that.


darkblack said...

I'm getting the impression that you like hearing and performing music, Larue...Correct me if I'm wrong, I wouldn't want to be presumptuous.


Indeed, Jimmy Cobb is behind the traps kit, but you might recognize 'Mr. P.C' more readily if you were told he was the bassist on Kind Of Blue, and Mr. Cobb was the drummer as well...One of the many classic Miles rhythm sections.

Glad you enjoyed the moments.