Monday, November 23, 2009

Like, totally bogey

Party Girl

Some people pay good money to get booted in the nuts, but when there's no shortage of out-of-work placekickers willing to do it for free why bother, right?


Case in point - say somebody gets a nice job, even though their reputation for truthtelling and non-partisanship is verifiably sketchy, insofar as they were the last in a long line of professional prevaricators and timewasters hired to keep the Bad Ship Lollipop stacked to the gunwales with fresh bullshit for eight long years.

No biggie - somebody else wants to look professionally magnanimous, extend a hand, build a bridge to...where?
Meh, looks good for the networks...On in five, boss. Kiss kiss.

Not so fast.

First, this legacy hire on the half-shell's former employer claimed he quit golf 'in solidarity' with the troops on a day deemed convenient to do so
(In the reality-based world, a dense executive's poorly timed piece of optics management theater) even though that story of staunch sacrifice wasn't quite true...OK, make it a whole lot untrue, but that was sort of par for the course with that fellow, pardon the pun.

Fast forward, he's gone bye-bye...probably out golfing, shooting smack with some caddies in the arbusto behind the 15th hole, who cares?...He's not there anymore.
In the words of Bette Davis - 'Good'.

Meanwhile in the Now, this rogueish ingrate's not even in the saddle of a cushy job for a week and already she's shit-talking her open-armed buddy with the sweet job offer, right there on the teevee, about the same thing she ham-handedly pimped for in a briefing a week after her old pal busted out his feckless fib for the feebleminded...


Plainly put, this poison plum's not even smart enough to shut her mouth and keep from drawing attention via her mere presence to the fact that her former boss, his sidekick, and every other operational body within that place of employment for that period of time is a kleptocratic war criminal or hearts them very much.

President Obama - with all due respect, your countryfolk spent a lot of time and effort to get people like this out of American government jobs so that people who don't bend truth for a living could help float the ship of state a while.

You're bringing them back in.

Indulge an old carny, pal - what's the angle?



Cirze said...

It's not okay with me, sweetheart.

He's crossed the last line with this bit of in-your-stoopid-progressive-face trash.

Time to empty this ash can.

For all time.

Thanks for the reporting.


You're bringing them back in.

Distributorcap said...

they are all the same.......

i voted for the socialist workers party for NYC maypr, time to try other offices

Cleveland Bob said...

I'm certainly risking offending the sensibilities of the some of the women who frequent this site, but I feel no remorse whatsoeverin calling Dana Perino a cunt.

She's a bad liar and an even worse press representative. Why Obama keeps reaching out to these troglodytes is beyond me.

As your clearly inquired db, what's the angle?...

tbelt said...

You're bringing them back in.
This latest move by Obama has pretty much convinced me that we were lied to once again and bought it hook, line and sinker.
We needed a patriot and all we got is this fucking politician.

Batocchio said...

Well done!

geo1952 said...

Yeah,she's a cunt but hey, how much damage can she do? Lighten up. It's not like she's the Secretary of the Treasury for crying out loud. At least Obama appointed a really great outsider from Goldman Sachs to head that position. And get Goldman Sachs back on your expense.