Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Less Than 3/5's Of A Wit

There Will Be Ketchup

So I'm sort of stranded for a couple of days - no 24 hour yakety yak digital blather, somewhat mercifully - but I come back from the frozen wastes, and I read this. Oh, and this.

G'head, if you haven't already - I'll wait.

Regular readers will no doubt already know my warm fuzzies for the hired mouth and his co-tyrants at the FOX sandbox - a more ignorantly paranoid batch of American exceptionalists and crackpot conspirators could not be found outside of an Andrew Breitbart acid flashback, but stating that the 3/5th's clause in the U.S. constitution was a '...step to abolish slavery' flies harder in the face of established fact than Flight 11 into WTC 1.

It's my opinion that no television host with a crack staff of researchers (or for that matter a staff on crack) can be this ill-informed unless a pre-existing mental condition involving serious reality distortion in math skills and history - or a willful, pathological maliciousness - is in effect...But I'll leave the reader to reach their own subjective conclusions about the sort of people who are well paid to disseminate such lies, and just whom those lies may benefit.

And this 'hiding the gun' thing - Oh, Glenn, you should be proud of your little popgun...But since you're so reticent to flaunt it, I've no choice but to give you a free upgrade, as seen above.



J said...

That's the fuckwit they should arrest. Mo' sinister than Miss Palin and teaparty combined (Palin's sort of a country cracker. Not quite innocent, but stupid rather than....Eevil) . Even Windbaugh however f-ed up doesn't compare to Bech that fat mormon pedazo de mierda.

darkblack said...

Beck is a profiteer of fear proudly and preeningly advancing the stealthy agenda of his masters.
His beguilement of lumpen America (and that of his fellow propaganda spearpoints)reinforces the dictate that 'Plus ce change', unfortunately...and the populace will not wake up as long as his ilk has their fingers on the snooze button.


Phil said...

Oh c'mone Bud, you give the fuckwit too much credit, his pistol ain't that big.

Happy New Year .

Laura said...

I can't stand him either.
Such an ass.


Rehctaw said...

As long as there is a buck to be made spewing unhinged, untethered hate speech clad in 'populism' (`cus we sayz it is). There will be a more than willing pool of Becks to front for the brand.

The power of the 17 percenters- amplified and satellite distributed-
projects a "movement" that hasn't moved at all from its inbred roots.

In that respect we are lucky to have such a horribly ineffective, transparent clown as Beck.

Anonymous said...

look...if a dip-shit like him was not around speaking that crazy shit like he does ... than just what the fuck would "we" be doing ???? going after some other bubble-head-loud-mouth-wacko-nut-job,I hope.