Friday, November 19, 2010

Winston Smith's Nu-America

I Sold You and You Sold Me

And so another week passes into history, a bright, shiny piñata filled with unwholesome trivia discharging its trifles all over an widely ignored dirt floor of cold realities.

IMO, part of the 'werwolf' effect desired by the financial backers of the Right in America is the devaluation of national political perception.

The aim in this being to foster the broad impression that politics is all a crude joke on the voters and unworthy of serious consideration by anyone with a pretense toward cogent thought, as opposed to putting forward candidates keen on and capable of performing the jobs that candidates are historically elected to do (policy development and enactment, responsible governance, inclusive representation, and so forth).
Instead, deploy arch-buffoons acting out in bizarre and irresponsible fashions while disparaging government's function wherever possible, encourage them to pollute the discourse with lies about everything at all times including the lying, and create a hazily impenetrable climate of suspicion and mistrust among the electorate that has both a chilling and energizing effect at the polls...'Chilling', to targeted demographics that as a result of such antics can no longer justify exercising basic civic duties to themselves out of the futility of same being made manifest on the nightly propaganda roundup, and 'energizing' to the lucidity-challenged fringe elements who can now cartwheel their way into the middle ring without fear of being run out of the big tent at swordpoint, at long last being surrounded by humanoids just like them...Insane, vindictive and merciless.

This process is greatly aided by a populace becoming progressively cowed into giving up freedoms that their countrymen and women died and are putatively dying for in wartime - even minor ones like not being subjected to unwanted sexual contact as a precursor for taking flight to some far flung destination in a winged steel sausage, afterward comforting themselves with illusions of personal safety while drowning their private humiliations in watered down bar-brand alcohol.

Not that other people dying for one's freedoms makes much difference now in this brave nu-America, because "sometimes...they threaten you with something — something you can't stand up to, can't even think about. And then you say, 'Don't do it to me, do it to somebody else, do it to so-and-so.'... And after that, you don't feel the same towards the other person any longer."

Who is your Julia?



Laura said...

Until I clicked on the link, I thought we were talking about Werewolves! Which, I must say, I know a lot about... seeing how I watch Twilight AND The Vampire Diaries.
Then, I clicked on the link and realized it was political.
I know dick all about politics. ;p

I do wish that I had something intelligent to add but you know, .... I don't.


Randal Graves said...

I knew it, you're one of those SS reenactors!

Rehctaw said...

I'll take Laura as my Julia. ((grin))

FZ was right. The torture never stops. I've done every thing I can think of to NOT be here, in this thing, in this place, watching everything all twisty and upside down.

Worst of it is that I just don't get the end game of it. Any means justifies any end?

darkblack said...

Laura, it's OK. What I'm writing of touches on politics only in a tangential way...The corruption of perceptions as a means to a broader end.

I've been sent to the front too many times for anything like that, Randal.


No can do, Rehctaw...Good cookies may be at stake.


Some at the wheel may feel it's a form of draconian tough love for them to dispense, IMO - and others may be the silverbacks of Darwinian disaster capitalism getting their Patrick Bateman on.

'Any means justifies any end', Indeed...The core of situational ethics, never being inconvenienced by reality.


Laura said...

What's this??? Do I FINALLY have an admirer????
It's about friggin time. :)


Padre Mickey said...

I really really really like that image. May I post it on the FB?
I won't touch it without permission, but, dang! It's excellent!

darkblack said...

Thank you, Padre Mickey - Certainly, you may.