Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Liberalism manifests itself...

Salutations From Chairman Bho

'...in various ways.

To let things slide for the sake of peace and friendship when a person has clearly gone wrong, and refrain from principled argument because he is an old acquaintance, a fellow townsman, a schoolmate, a close friend, a loved one, an old colleague or old subordinate.

Or to touch on the matter lightly instead of going into it thoroughly, so as to keep on good terms. The result is that both the organization and the individual are harmed.

This is one type of liberalism'.

Take that, you nattering naysayers of "Niebuhrian realism".



Randal Graves said...

Gasp! I knew he was a commie!

Rehctaw said...

You are truly EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEvil.

Consider the "old subordinate" stolen. You'll be duly credited when used. That's assuming he survives the challenge to remain on the ballot.

zencomix said...

Is this the Wikileaks photo dump?

darkblack said...

Actually, he's only half-commie, Randal.


Well then, you should probably meet the family, Rehctaw.

No sense fooling a fellow artist, ZC.


Rehctaw said...

Eddiemannuel has left the family. He's striking out on his own. He's gonna make good in his old home town.

Technically homeless he's had to seek temporary shelter. No word whether Dad's letting him squat in the family digs in Hyde Park.

Last mention was that he and his staff were shacking up in an airport motel. Though rumors persist that he has taken up residence on City Hall's 5th floor.

His tenant filed petitions to run against him.

31 challenges to Eddiemmannuel's nominating petitions have been filed.