Monday, August 09, 2010

'America Goes Dark'...?

I'm Ready For My Closeup, Mr. DeLay

NY Times - America Goes Dark

YAY! - Oh! - Gosh darn it, Krugman - Why'd ya have to go and ruin my sweet, short moment of fantasy?

The cheering throngs are still echoing in my tiny shell-like ears as I ride in the swimming pool-equipped limo of my ticker tape parade dreams, down the 5th Avenue of my mind betwixt buxom cheerleaders in uniform...and my arms exuberantly outstretched in vindication as America lauds its wayward cousin, home at last.


This is the final output from decades of opportunistic pandering to impulses going against any reasonable and prudent perspective...A latently selfish nation (for what nation in which one is told that one should keep all they make if they merely pull themselves up by their bootstraps and remain beholden to no other could be otherwise?) where politicians can shill the self serving lies needed to dupe the willingly greedy into thinking that the essential infrastructure that surrounds and nurtures them on a daily basis is either an awesomely eternal construct that will never require communal fiscal commitment for upkeep, ever...Or an inconsequential sand castle whose inevitable washing away will matter not a whit, as long as one can keep some leftover change next to the hopeful lint balls in one's pocket.

It's what comes from a society that feels calamitous levels of spending and commitment of human life on two interminably bloody wars designed for long-term oligarchical enrichment is preferable to creating, printing and distributing quality educational materials and hiring dedicated, competent educators to nurture the youthful minds that would use them - as opposed to printing hardbound Jack Chick-style 'pitcher-book' screeds that are jam-packed with overly equivalent ecclesiastical pretense passed off as empirical fact, and dropping them off in a twine-tied bundle at ye olde edumacational warehouse where those who can't read will be those who will lead, someday.

It's what happens when the aggressively regressive elements within a society hold sway and drive the masses away from the light of reason...into the cold embrace of the night.

See you in the dark, kids.



Laura said...

I couldn't agree more with what you've said here.
I usually keep my trap shut regarding other countries .. and I will here as well. :P I'm not much for being critical. However, as I said.. "Mmmm Hmmm". ;p


darkblack said...

I've made a minor name for myself in American political blogging circles over a time by not keeping my trap shut...At least, in a pictorial fashion, Laura.

No doubt this atypically Canadian behavior may be taken by some of our less sophisticated American cousins as unmannerly, and perhaps above one's perceived station - but when their country ceases to inflict itself on the rest of the world, the need to inflict back will recede accordingly.


Laura said...

Oh snap! (sorry, I've got teenagers)

I agree (again).

I think that the reason why I don't "get into it" is because I'm not educated enough to.
I know how I feel but if push came to shove, I don't follow politics enough to start shooting off my mouth.

Even though Canada is far from perfect, I'm VERY happy to live here.

I'll let you do the talking for both of us. :p


Laura said...

And umm.. excuse me. Are you going to come and say hello to me on MY blog or what? :D


microdot said...

I wrote about David Stockton's rant baout how reaganomics destroyed the American economy and why Devo was the perfect sound track for this era...
The sound of things falling apart.