Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sunday Overnight

Oscar Peterson, Laura, 1955.

The Pat Metheny group, San Lorenzo, 1978.

Bud Powell with George Duvivier and Art Taylor, She, 1957.

Weather Report, Dream Clock, 1980.

Sam Butera with Louis Prima and the Witnesses, They'll Be No Next Time, 1957.

'Shouldn't have gone to the airport'



Distributorcap said...

you know the coolest stuff

darkblack said...

Thank you very much, DCap. A lifelong love of music has been my cherished treasure.


Laura said...

I can remember seeing the movie "Laura" when I was in my teens. (no it wasn't when it first came out!) ;p

I think that the last song There'll be no Next Time, is my fav. What a fun song!


Cleveland Bob said...


Great, great Sam Butera cut.

darkblack said...

I'm of the firm opinion that Sam was a timeless musician whom young folks should strive to check out, CB - He's one of the early bridges between Pop, Rock, and Jazz.