Thursday, October 29, 2009

Soaring On The Wings Of Pigs

Swine Flew

Some of my readers might remember a brief controversy in which I and others were involved over 3 years ago, an out-of-context sideshow that unfortunately hindered a broader discussion and may have contributed to a negative outcome in my opinion.
However, no need to rehash that here - For that, there is Google.

Yet for myself within that series of events, the motives were clear.

Joe Lieberman, putatively a Democrat in favor of civil rights for all stooped to blatant race-baiting when a threat to his reign was perceived.

In spite of the hoopla, those facts remain immutable, as do the unsavory optics of his spouse's involvement with pharmaceutical lobbyists concurrent with Lieberman's vote on pending legislation benefiting said industry.

A quick bit of revisited history - Connecticut Democrats rejected Lieberman as their senatorial candidate in favor of Ned Lamont in a fair vote, after which Lieberman went to Mel Sembler and the GOP to finance an independent run, an effort which was ultimately successful when state and federal Republicans threw their weight behind his candidacy over their own pick, Alan Schlesinger.

Since then he has, in cooperation with the highest levels of American government including the current occupant of the White House, playacted at smugly prudent comity while doing his level best to roadblock societal progress and stymie due investigative course on behalf of his corporate paymasters and conservative ideological soul mates.

It is becoming harder to escape the conclusion that he is wanted right where he is.

The question is: Qui bono...Exactly?


Randal Graves said...

I refuse to believe that politicians are unsavory characters. No, I won't go there.

darkblack said...

Oh, Randal, you're so delightfully naive. I'll endeavor to protect your innocence in this unseemly matter.


Phil said...

Ahh yes, as I recall that was a photoshop job for Janie, the sweet lass that she is. It did indeed start a brushfire and panic ensued, I was there and tried calming the sheeple ,to no avail.

My contempt for Joe Lieberman is infinite and eternal, as is yours my friend.
I had your back then and I have it now.


darkblack said...

Thanks, Busted. It was unfortunate that the controversy overshadowed the facts of the situation...But the road goes on.


Phil said...

Aww Hell, it's just a flesh wound, let's have a couple of shots and then get back to the fight.

Yer the shit man.

Distributorcap said...

great minds think alike

but i think yours is greater

darkblack said...

However finely we might slice it, that gonif is treif, DCap. Excellent pic.