Wednesday, October 21, 2009

100,000 visits? Unpossible!

Sideshow Beck

Let Sideshow Beck cut the cake, then...Mind your fingers.


All kibitzing aside, I would like to thank each and every one of my viewers and correspondents for enabling this trifling blog's journey over the last three years through the vast reaches of cyberspace. May peace be in your lives and love within your hearts.

your pal,



Connecticut Man1 said...

Good for you! You've only been Blogging for 3 years? I thought you had been at it longer.

darkblack said...

I started this outlet 3 years ago this month, CM1 - before that, for the most part I was one of those dreaded 'commenters' at various blogs, Firedoglake mostly - specializing in pictorial character assassination of a most scurrilous sort, of course.

Eventually, one should 'get their own room' if they insist upon carrying on in such a fashion, and thus...


Karen said...

Love your stuff!

darkblack said...

Thank you very much, Karen. I try to keep it lively.


Tengrain said...

Congrats, DB!

The first 100,000 are the hardest, they say.

In all honesty, I am always in awe of your focus and of course, your talent. Someday, when we meet (and it will happen), I will point to you and say, "He did it! I'm innocent, innocent I say!"



darkblack said...

Innocent, 10G? I'll not let that baby face fool me when we meet.


For me, the number itself isn't daunting - Compared to other blogs (Yours and many of my other fine acquaintances included) the sum is rather insignificant from an actuarial standpoint but it is fascinating, expression of curiosity for my curiosities.


Cleveland Bob said...

We are graced by your humor, insights and bonhomie, db.

May your light shine for many thousands more.

Randal Graves said...

You're the best, the greatest of all time, etc etc. (your last check bounced, dude, you're paying the fee on that one)

zencomix said...

Were you the guy who did that photoshop that caused all that uproar over at Firedoglake? Hahaha!

darkblack said...

Thank you very much, CB - Cleveland rocks!
I hope you accept Canadian money at par, Randal - don't be put off by the funny colors.

Indeed, that was I, ZC. Joe Lieberman was my 'special' artistic muse for a time.


zencomix said...

I got "in Trouble" once with some of the lesser enlightened, overly sensitive PC "Progressive" crowd when I had Bush and Condi enter The Grill Rats restaurant, and Condi ordered a Motherfucking Ice Tea.The cartoon was literally compared to Klan literature from Buffalo in the 1970s. I provided them with links to The Daily Show's satire of Bill O'Reilly's Motherfucking Ice Tea comment, and asked them if that skit was also like Klan literature from Buffalo in the 1970s, but no of them would bite.

Well, let's just call ourselves "Advanced Satirists", and leave it at that!

darkblack said...

My experience was that some who found that particular piece problematic had reasoned, cogent arguments why that was so, and others were more interested in ostentatiously vituperative displays and practicing armchair psychology sans license.

Same as it ever was - elements of Left and Right are equal offenders in their reflexive dogmatism and rationalizing violent opposition to what they deem beyond the pale. Telling them that provokes rather large denial mechanisms, of course.

My position was that, unlike many of my other pieces which contained satiric or lowbrow humor elements, Old Black Joe had none, being intended as a blunt force trauma on Lieberman's race-baiting ways during the Connecticut primary - but I was unable to make that clear at the time, due in part to my own sordid reputation for comedy hijinks - 'Hoisted on me own petard, matey.'

Did Condi order crackers with that motherfucking ice tea?


Cirze said...

Congrats and kudos for your incalculably great artistry through both word and photo essay, DB.

As a relatively new patron (about a year's viewership) I am in awe of your zen-the-moment quick wittedness.

Looking forward to the next 100,000 visits.


I was unable to make that clear at the time, due in part to my own sordid reputation for comedy hijinks - 'Hoisted on me own petard, matey.'

zencomix said...

Oh no, it was quite clear to me at the time. It is sort of like people who complain about a piece of satire because it isn't "funny", when the overiding principle of satire should be caustic, biting ridicule.Satire doesn't have to be funny, but If it happens to be funny too, well, then all the better.

A case in point: some people have criticised the Glenn Beck raped and satire because it isn't funny.It's "offensive" to people who have been raped. I'm pretty sure the person who created it wasn't going for yuks. It is meant to be a brutal satiric derision of everything Beck stands for, and it succeeds in that regard.

Condi didn't order crackers, but Sean Hannity would not confirm or deny that Michelle Malkin cleaned Dick Cheney's guns with massage oil, and that didn't go over well with them either because Stanley Kubrick made a movie once and something about ping pong balls, I'm not exactly sure.

But the funniest thing was the bio of the guy who started all the whining.Why wasn't I listening to him,He's so smart, he taught himself to read when he was two! He bragged about womanizing excessively in his youth! and didn't like me dragging that fact into the thread after I was accused of playing ping pong with Kubrick.

Dr. Zaius said...

Congratulations, Darkblack! :o)

darkblack said...

Thank you very much, Suzan. I hope things improve in your situation far above the minor diversion I attempt to provide.


That's one of the dichotomies for some of these knee-jerk critics, ZC - their glass houses just aren't up to the wild rock-throwing parties that they wish to conduct.
There is sensitivity to others via compassion, and then there is the tyranny of the politically correct, a first cousin of the lock-step thinking so beloved by 'conservative' elements. One can have the former without shackling oneself with the latter.
As an artist, I am of the opinion that we must always resist external restrictions in order to succeed in expression, even if that expression is ultimately unsuccessful by the creator's standards...the only standards that matter.


Ta, Zaius. It's always a pleasure awaiting the fall of Man with you.


mark hoback said...

Congrats, DB, you should have ten times that!

Distributorcap said...

db - you are truly an inspiration - and damn funny! (and smart) --- i cannot thank you enough for all the laughs you have brought

and how i try to best you (but just cannot LOL)


well deserved

darkblack said...

Mr. Hoback! Thank you very much, although I can't imagine a world gone mad such as you suggest.



DCap, thank you as well. When I first started up with these madcap antics there weren't very many who expressed themselves in a similar fashion (although I am far from the originator, something the genius who first placed a pencil-thin moustache on the Mona Lisa might claim more successfully) and to see many others now liberating imagery from the yoke of oppressive context and recontextualizing it to suit their own desires and agendas is a joy indeed.


Larue said...

Whoops, a bit late to THIS party, but:

Congrats on the mill, er, MILE stone DB!

Wishin you many more inspirations and thanks for sharing them with us all!


darkblack said...

Thank you, Larue.

It may well be a 'millstone' - Now I might have to come up with some fripperies to justify another 100K worth of visits from a fickle set of tubes...Ginsberg's Theorem regarding the laws of thermodynamics may well apply here.


M.Yu said...

You are one of a kind.

Padre Mickey said...

¡Felicidades, Darkblack! May the next 100,000 visits happen even sooner.

darkblack said...

M. Yu and Padre Mickey!

Thank you very much, and best wishes to you both.