Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Overnight

Jimmy Heath, with Kenny Barron, Bob Cranshaw, Mtume, and Al "Tootie" Heath, Angel Man, 1972.

Dizzy Gillespie, James Moody, Gene Harris, Ray Brown, and Grady Tate, Ow!, 1985.

Artie Shaw, with Buddy Rich on traps, Traffic Jam, 1938.

The Graham Bond Organisation, Neighbour, Neighbour, 1965.


Larue said...

Graham Bond?

Yer the first to even know his NAME I've come across in decades!

Korner, Mayall . . . Bond was one of the first along with them. They led the way to rock in Britain thru their blues.

From Clapton, to Baker/Bruce, and Mic Fleetwood/John McVie, those three of Korner, Mayall and Bond led the first wave.

Wow, Graham Bond. That's a slice of history.


darkblack said...

You're welcome as always, Larue.

IMO, the GBO was cutting-edge jazz-influenced R & B with a comparable level of influence in England to the Butterfield Blues Band in America, but as robust a sound as it was it wasn't strong enough to withstand some of the individual attitudes and proclivities within the group...It's said the legendary pitched battles on- and offstage between Jack and Ginger prior to The Cream had their genesis in Graham's band.

Bloody good sound, though. Huge Hammond/Leslie tone, and those drums, for 1965? Ginger Baker, ahead of the pack as always.