Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For A Fading Memory

Cactus, No Need To Worry, 1971.


zencomix said...

A poor boy can only buy so many records. This band has managed to escape my attention.Nice jam. I like the Hendrix/Peter Green/ T-Bone Texas vibe.

darkblack said...

Top Fuel supercharged boogie, ZC.


Larue said...

Good lord, your linky's to here:


Lead to a history of who's who!!!

I recall well, Carmen Appice, forget where he ended up I knew him from, perhaps Tower Of Power after Garabaldi left?

Geez, all these names, Blues Image, on and on and on!

And I NEVER heard of Cactus!

As always, yer killin me . . . *G*

Don't ever stop!


darkblack said...

They were a somewhat successful 'supergroup' footnote that deserved more, Larue - But in spite of Rusty Day's untimely passing they're still around...One way or another.

Carmine and Tim will always be one of my favorite rhythm sections, and they are super gents as well.