Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Overnight - Happy Birthday, Mom

The Slim Gaillard Trio, Cement Mixer (Put-Ti-Put-Ti), 1945.

Ella Fitzgerald and the Manhattan Transfer, How High The Moon, 1983.

Nichols and May, Operator Sketch, 1960.

Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross, With The Spirit Beat, 1959.

Johnny Standley, It's In The Book, 1952.

Sarah Vaughan, Fly Me To The Moon, 1969.

...For a special lady, without whom your humble scribe would be dissolute pixels swirling in a formless void. Or something.



Cirze said...

I had the thrill of meeting her as I helped her up to and down from the stage in a Baltimore jazz club long ago.

She passed away soon after.

But she will never die.

Thanks so much, DB, for the memories.


Larue said...


Gaillard & Stewart? Only second time I've heard them, think the first was here, also! Incredible.

Elle, with Transfer? Wow. Man that's a voice to miss and love.

The phone op? Great, reminded me of Bob Newhart, or even a bit of One Ringie Thingie. Sort of a Bob And Ray duet. Sweet.

But it was the Lambert, Hendricks And Ross that got me busted out bawlin. Love that trio. Popitty Pop, Goes The Motorsiccle . . . . Three giants they were. And what Hendricks went on to do.

Never HEARD of Johnny Standley, He's great!

Sarah just used up three more tissues.

Your mom? Well, she MUST be special if these are her favs. Course, she's special, cuz she raised YOU.

Nice work, DB's mom, and happy birthday, ma'am!

DB, ya GOT me on this one . . . thanks. *sniff*

Ok, I'm fine. No, really. I'll be fine. (looking for more Ella, Sarah, and LH&Ross. My Annie Ross was fine)


darkblack said...

Glad that you two enjoyed it, and thanks.


Distributorcap said...

what a collection!
and sarah vaughn to cap it all