Friday, September 25, 2009

The scum rises, the scum sets...

Pick Your Moment

...and yet another disinformation strategy masquerading as an op-ed in the WSJ under Karl Rove's byline appears on the ink-smudged horizon. Oh, goodie.

Evidently, some people never get tired of having their fiction deficit assuaged by dirty tricksters laboring under somewhat threadbare credulity, yet who somehow miraculously retain a imprimatur of official deference.

Hey, rich folks...Ever thought of what's going to happen when the great unwashed societal mass gets tired of your overweening need to have more than everyone else at the expense of everyone else?

To paraphrase the great Harlan Ellison...Mme. Defarge's knitting needles, click clack, click clack.



Randal Graves said...

Right, like the great unwashed societal mass is ever going to get tired of that. C'mon. ;-)

darkblack said...

Not as long as there's jiggly protuberances to be grokked on FOX, I suppose...Tends to deflect the delicate monomaniacal mob focus required for bloody upheavals.


Cleveland Bob said...


Thanks for the well wishes on the loss of my Jack. He was a great dog.

Did I ever tell you that I was kind of pals with Harlan Ellison? A very good friend of mine here in Cleveland is his fave niece and I've met and had dinner with the man several times.

He's completely outrageous in a public setting and as acerbic as I assumed he would be.

darkblack said...

It's always a bittersweet moment when we say goodbye to our companions, CB.

I met Harlan about 15 years ago, at a lecture in Vancouver.
I shouldn't have been there, I suppose - a movie set accident which has held long-term ramifications for me was rather fresh, but I'd been reading his works for almost 20 years prior and I wouldn't be denied a chance to hear someone I considered a literary great unless I was in a coma.

Sitting for any length of time was a crap shoot, and sitting for a length of time was de rigueur for a lecture of course...Eventually, I found a rather hunched-over position which alleviated the pain somewhat.
This posture must have called attention to myself, as Harlan broke stride and thought in his crowd 'walk and talk' to ask me if I was OK.



Cirze said...

Their ultimate victory is that so many of us are forced to wait for that sound (for some just payback).

Which will be so harmful to so many.

And they will be securely hiding out waiting for the blood storm to pass.

Even if it takes decades.

Because property ownership is forever.


Mme. Defarge's knitting needles, click clack, click clack.

darkblack said...

'Because property ownership is forever.'

Perchance Louis XVI believed that also, S.


Cleveland Bob said...

Ha. Good story.

Distributorcap said...

oh db, let them eat cake