Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fuck Polanski...

Free Marc Emery

...Free Marc Emery.

: In all seriousness (admittedly an elusive quality hereabouts at times), Roman Polanski is a convicted sex criminal who fled as a coward from his due judgment, then attempted to justify his act by stating '...everybody wants to f*ck young girls'.

All of his celebrity apologists should be ashamed of themselves for countenancing such flagrant aberrancy.

Whatever one's thinking regarding the relative morality of international marijuana seed sales, and notwithstanding the obviously very real legal penalties for same...Marc Emery isn't running.

Such is the measure of character.


Michael Hart said...

Fuck polanski— in prison.
Free Mark, and ALL other cannabis prisoners.

Randal Graves said...

If you free this pothead then think of the billions of children that will end up as cokeheads!

Comrade Kevin said...

America can go fuck itself with its atom bomb. It occurs to me that I am talking to myself again.

Suzanne said...

very well stated db

*standing on chair clappiing*

Larue said...

Despite the age difference, Polanski's crime was consentual, as stated by the girl, now a woman. Sharon Tate's sister. Consentual.

Aside from the Polanski issue, which is a NON issue, Emory is getting hosed, and such hosing is a crime against humanity. He should be free.

Way to support Emory.

Larue said...

And why is Polanski a felon, and Jerry Lee Lewis, NOT the same level of a felon?

Just curious, bout that, underage, cousin fuckin stuff.

Ya know. Also. Betcha.


darkblack said...

Sorry, Larue, but being 13 years of age in a state where the minimum age of consent for sexual activity was 18 (1913 Cal.Stats., ch. 122, § 1, p. 212) precludes the concept of 'consensual' to a somewhat final degree...and the transcript of the victim's testimony offers a rather stark picture of Polanski's calculated grooming and commission that left the victim at a complete disadvantage.

As for Jerry Lee Lewis - In my mind, he was akin to Polanski in deed if perhaps not intent, notwithstanding regional mores and the legitimacy of a marriage.

In his own way, Lewis paid a heavy price for this decision - a derailed career at its peak that didn't regain momentum for over a decade. Whether he should have suffered more is debatable, of course.
Polanski, OTOH, has thrived professionally for decades and been lauded by his peers, the sole consequence of his evasion of justice being that he could not return to the U.S.A.

From my perspective, this has nothing to do with either individual's artistic expression or the relative worth therein. Both men have created bodies of work that are original and evocative, but the subjective paradox of contemptible private mores and laudable public achievements have proven difficult for some people to differentiate between over the eons.

Many of our creative giants are angels with feet of clay - I certainly am in no position to expect or demand chaste behavior from another, but the consequences of their choices when deemed against the law are their own...and justice delayed is justice denied.