Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Reader Request, number 2 in a series

From reader Trac, comes a request for bipartisan bliss which, of course, we could all use more of in these troubled times.

Here Comes The Chide

...And the soundtrack.



Synthaetica said... know i'm a fan. i admire your work deeply. however, since Trac requests bipartisan bliss, one would think the image would have had two people from different parties?

just sayin'....

darkblack said...

Hmmm, yes...Somewhat 'intramural' there isn't it, Commander?

ah well


Demeur said...

eeeew I'm glad I wasn't eating when I saw this.

karrsic said...

Doesn't Lieberman lead? ; )

Bradda said...

McCain's jowels look like hamburger meat...mmmmmm.