Thursday, July 10, 2008

CanCon Friday - Sons Of Freedom

Today, presenting Vancouver's late-'80's offering to the Hard Rock story - Sons Of Freedom, a band that in a more appreciative world would have gone on to mucho glory (Robert Plant was heard to admire them) and a band that I certainly liked - even though Don Binns nicked one o' me bass tones!

Kidding, Don



Phil said...

Hmm, for some reson I can't get it to play and I am at work on a new computer.
I will pop over to Youtube and see what happens.

Phil said...

Hmm, couldn't get it to play there either so I downloaded it with Real Player.
Pretty good.
I liked that bass beat, the sound was kind of crappy, I bet that would have been great Live.
Sorry I been slacking coming around lately, I have been missing a lot of other great sites too, life seems to be getting in m,y way.
Keep up the good work my man!

itchycoo parka said...

ah, the sonic equivalent of savoring an ice cold bottle of "hi-test" at the town pump. thank god they were not a "world beat" band or something like that.

could lose the peaked cap on the singer - joe strummer's the only one i've ever seen make that work - and wish they'd all jump around a bit more. but otherwise, solid.

darkblack said...

The first link in my post lets you download the first album's tracks for free, Busted - The sonics on the vid are sketchy, probably duped from an old VHS copy back when John (nee J.D.) Roberts still wore parachute pants to work.

Their second album, Gump is also worth checking out if you can find it.

Jump around, Itchycoo?
Heaven forbid, it was the late 80's, looking stern and detached was de rigueur in those days - I would have thought there would have been more snickers over the Taijitu on the back of Jim's jacket, but the peaked cap is sort of precious in hindsight.

...And if you have ever drank 'hi -test' at the 'Town Pump', you have probably heard your fair share of 'world beat' - for which you have my sympathies.