Thursday, July 03, 2008

Reader Request - Number 1 In A Series

I find myself very fortunate indeed that those who peruse my blog, irregularly updated as it may be, do so to see revisualizations that they have not seen before, or at least in the context into which I have put them.

Occasionally, I receive email from readers with some suggestions for ideas which they might like to see rendered in my style...Or anybody's style, I suppose.

Frankly, I would like to be more prolific with executing these requests, but there are many and varied constraints on my time which, when blended with a stubborn lazy streak conspire at times against such simple indulgences.

However, in the spirit of giving back to a supportive community, I would like to initiate a more regular weekly post that highlights my attempts to bring such collaborations to life, and we will start today with the infamous Dr. Bong's twinning of stage and spleen...


Please feel free to pass on your suggestions for future works in the comments, and thank you.



Fran said...

I am laughing entirely too hard to make any suggestion!

Oh shit that is rich!

Agi said...

How about McCain as a member of Cypress Hill singing "insane in the membrane insane for McCain"?

M.Yu said...

How about Rachel Maddow tying up and/or "controlling" some MSM talking heads.

She constantly tries to keep them in line. She is pretty good at it too, always poised...but firm...
very, very firm!

Excellent job as usual, DB!

Unknown said...

Tre Magnifique!

I probably spelled that wrong but hell..I been up all damn night. ;p

I would like to see Obama as the cowardly lion..or perhaps the Scarecrow since he seems to have lost his brain lately.

Suzanne said...


a wonderful mashup db :)

Unknown said...

u r da master

how kewl to take req's!

Santa Rosa New School Aikido said...

Hi db! i'd love to see your vision of a g8 fantasy dessert !

thanks for all you do,


Unknown said...

Truly honored to be first in what I'm sure will be a long and, shall I say, strange journey...

Dr. Bong