Wednesday, April 30, 2008

R.I.P. Dr. Albert Hofmann

Albert Hofmann

Have a safe trip


Kevin said...

Hi darkblack... Dr Bong here. Long time no see. I had this visual, whilst commenting at firedoglake, of ethel merman, belting out "Everything's Coming Up Roses", morphing into John McCain ... Thought of you right away...


darkblack said...

Bong, you scoundrel - How's tricks?

Ethel as McCain...Hmmm...


Freida Bee said...

Dr. Hofman- Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You don't get to be 102 on LSD only.

All he wanted to do was maybe heal some of the insanity for some.

Somehow I don't think his legacy is complete, yet.

His gift/curse is an ongoing story in its telling.

What a long strange trip it still is Albert.

Now you and the Other Albert can ponder physics, space, time AND altered reality's.

Godspeed Mr. Hoffman.

Kevin said...

Bong again. Tricks are okey-dokey, for the present time anyway. I have a roof over my head, loving wife of 25 years as of June 4th this year, high blood pressure... not sure where that's coming from... drink way too much, smoke... all the fun stuff, ya know. Teen (15) daughter lives on MySpace and FaceBook. I don't get much of a chance to mingle anymore. Work full time and taking classes three nights a week for the summer.


darkblack said...

'Ended up just like Papa, working for the Boss every night and day'...Never short of material, always short of time.


Amanda Feilding said...

Dr Albert Hofmann would be a remarkable man even if he hadn't discovered the chemical compound that changed the course of the 20th century: LSD. Hofmann's chemical creations also include chemicals used every day in maternity and geriatric wards the world over.

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