Thursday, April 10, 2008

CanCon Friday - Nick Gilder and Sweeney Todd

Dedicated to all my female readers...

Although the initial success of the Sweeneys was with a little tune called Roxy Roller (rendered stalwartly here by the Men Without Shame), and one that precipitated many a roller rink romance, singer Nick Gilder and lead guitarist James McCulloch cracked the U.S. big time with the above song, and since those heady days Nick has gone on to other career high spots (such as co-writing with Holly Knight the Number One single The Warrior for Scandal with Patty Smyth), totalling ten Top 20 hits in the US.

Trivia: A very young Bryan Adams (avec purple hair) was one of Nick's replacements in the band during the late '70's.

Ah, the days of dandelion wine and bubblegum on the knees...



Freida Bee said...

Rrrraar! You knows what teh ladiez likes!

Hot Child in the CIty, that plaid lighting, the hair, and best of all the vests, I must go take a cold waterless shower.

darkblack said...

You know, I forgot the power of those vests, freida bee - my apologies for any erotic tumult resulting in furniture breakage that they may have caused.


Demeur said...

First time here and I must say your Photoshot skills are great. Can I steal some of these? I promise to give you due credit. Also note to self "bookmark this blog".

darkblack said...

Thank you, demeur.

Steal, with due credit? Well, you're doing better than the government.