Thursday, June 14, 2012

Old Memes In New Bottles 13: A Peck Of Pickled Pikers

I Ain't Got No Body

Raw Story: HBO apologizes for depicting George W. Bush’s head impaled on a pike

Well, isn't this a marvel...I raise all kinds of pixilated Hell for years, sweating over a lukewarm keyboard, and only got demands to apologize once (from progressives, even) - but let some prop person on a cable network use the 'wrong' mannikin head for a long tracking shot and the GOP whips itself into a collective knicker-knotting frenzy. Sucks to be obscure, doesn't it? Maybe everybody needs a little head in the morning, or something.

...from 2008.



Deborah Newell said...

That particular headshot made all my boys very, very happy, given that the second season just ended and they were going to re-watch Season One anyway.

Abby Normal is right!

darkblack said...

All this false outrage over memories of a gentrified kleptocrat, eh LB?

If only these people had a real issue to sink their stained dentures into.