Friday, June 01, 2012

New Memes In Old Bottles 11 - The Official Portrait

The Official Portrait

Apparently, my favorite muse has returned to the site of his misdeeds long enough to commemorate his presence in some sort of 'official' manner...but what he didn't know was that I had rendered him in that capacity some time before...perhaps he didn't get that memo either.

...from 2008.



zencomix said...

I can see Laura as Peg.

darkblack said...

And well you might, ZC. There was a companion piece of la Laura done for my amusement around the same time, which has been lost to a hard drive meltdown - somewhat lurid (IIRC), and not worth recreating.

Unlike many of our opposite numbers on the Right, I see no need to involve family members of my malfeasant subjects (with occasional exceptions based on the virulence of their own acts), as they are generally not responsible for the predations of others.