Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday Overnight, Full Blown

FZ, The Black Page, 1980's.

The Mothers, Redunzl, 1973.

FZ, St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast, 1978.

FZ with John Belushi, The Purple Lagoon, 1976.


Rehctaw said...

No slight intended. (g)

Damn, I'm OD'ing

J said...

Some great musick, here and there. Some not-so-great comedy (Belushi may have tried but...whatevs). Can we appreciate the FZ/mothers' muzack without FZ the guru? Not sure. Really at times the sound has little to do with him--more like Underwoods, Ponty, Bozzio, Duke, Mars, the Fowlers, Mothers, etc. Diogenes J

darkblack said...

Well, J. - Belushi might have been somewhat 'chemically refreshed' at the time...Dada and dope, perhaps not the best of blends.

'Can we appreciate the FZ/mothers' muzack without FZ the guru? '...? That's an interesting question. Quite often the band performing the works (irrespective of era) did provide a sum greater than the whole from a performance perspective. That said, without FZ's 'conceptual continuity' and direction would they have reached such heights?...Or, given the somewhat sedentary nature of the muso (generally speaking), would they have been goaded into the sort of subjective refinement of technique required to execute complex passages and rhythms faithfully?

Over the decades, there was much superior talent passing through the band roster that perhaps missed their proper dues at the time, being somewhat overshadowed by the legendary name on the marquee...the sideman's lot, I suppose.


J said...

yes, well stated. Belushi yeahh he probably just spiked --supposedly enjoyed speed followed by some ... H. Im a bit surprised Zappa allowed his antics given his general anti-dope stance --then FZ might have been following orders from the SNL posse. great tune, regardless.

. I agree Zappa was the catalyst and ...Maestro if you will, but he couldn't play much of what he wrote (then neither could, say, Ravel). And I doubt he's like giving George Duke much direction...or Bruce Fowler, etc. Actually I met a few of the ...grandmothers years back-- bunk, jimmy motorhead-- and they're weren't exactly too friendly towards ZappaCo (Gail has apparently set her attorneys on all of 'em). The music lives on regardless--RDNZl a great jam

darkblack said...

'And I doubt he's like giving George Duke much direction...or Bruce Fowler, etc.'

Beyond '...still too adagio...' in Be-Bop Tango...?

Hardly nuthin', I'd wager. I remember a Guitar Player interview in the 80's where FZ stated that given his struggle to sing and play guitar at the same time in certain genres, or for that matter sing in correct pitch throughout a passage he'd barely have the chops to join his own band.