Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lots Of Balls, Plenty Of Errors

Hit The Showers

Apparently, Jim Bunning hasn't thrown enough spitters this season.

According to HuffPo, "The Kentucky Republican battled Democrats on the Senate floor Tuesday to block two nominations to relatively backbench positions -- because he is opposed to a tobacco-related law passed by the Canadian Parliament".

Yeah, that's right. Objecting to the laws of another sovereign nation is now grounds for holding up nominations for trade negotiators who, you know, might actually be able to try rectifying the problem for your state that lobbyists pay you so much money to 'help' with, in spite of the concomitant controversies that follow by association with some.

President Obama, I've got two words for you if you really want your agendas enacted in this 'modern climate of bipartisanship' - recess appointment.

I would love to hear the howls of dismay from right-wing corporate obstructionists should that come to pass. Golly gee, it's not like their boys didn't do it with extra relish on top whenever the urge to get their way got interfered with by inconvenient bits of democracy.

Who knows? You might actually get America tottering up to bat again before the dugout clears for good.



Cleveland Bob said...

"Who knows? You might actually get America tottering up to bat again before the dugout clears for good"...

I kinda doubt it, db.

The third stringers are already in the game and all that's left are some pimply 19 year old punks who do nothing but boot the ball around.

The mighty Casey has done struck out.

Great job btw on the Bush slide pic. You're delightfully incorrigible.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Doesn't Jim Bunning make you proud to be a Canadian?

darkblack said...

Well, Doctor Monkey, were I living in Kentucky I might not be so proud - Because as a Canadian I couldn't organize or vote his dumb jock ass into the record books for election-losing senators with the highest corporate reacharound stats per season.


zencomix said...

Obama should recess appoint John Bolton's polar opposites to every empty position.

Distributorcap said...

i think we should keep electing athletes and actors like Reagan, Schwarzenegger because they are such heroes to real americans

bunning has chewed too much tobacco and should be tossed out of the hall of fame