Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Overnight

Django Reinhardt, with André Eykan, Francois Vermeille, Jean Bouchety, and Gaston Léonard, Nuages, 1949.

Chick Corea & Gary Burton, Bud Powell, 1979.

Wes Montgomery, with Harold Mabern, Arthur Harper, and Jimmy Lovelace, 'Round Midnight, 1965.

Lester Young, with Johnny Guarnieri, Slam Stewart, and Sid Catlett, Just You, Just Me, 1943.


Cirze said...

Love it.

My heartfelt thanks,


Cleveland Bob said...

Django, baby...Django.

Many thanks as always.

Utah Savage said...

You have such great taste in music.

J said...

Gary Burton's vibes with Corea's quite a pleasant sound.

darkblack said...

You're all quite welcome.

- and thank you, Utah...I've been mulling over a Bill Evans post lately, juste pour vous.


They do compliment each other, don't they, J.? - although if Chick had been using his Rhodes piano, perhaps not so much.