Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday Overnight - 1000th post edition

...Technically 1001 posts on this blog from your humble scribe, dear reader - but as with so much else in these environs, artistic license is available for viewing upon request.

At this time, I would like to thank those who come here to peruse the gems produced from an ethos long ago and far away - May those days of quality and craftsmanship, the product of many disciplined hours spent at the expense of other matters, be soon in returning and long in remaining.


Chano Pozo with the Perez Prado orchestra and the Miguelito Valdes sextet, Memoria A Chano / Placetas / Tambombarana / El Cajon, 1946-47.

Freddie Hubbard, Tony Williams, Kenny Barron, Joe Henderson and Ron Carter, You Don't Know What Love Is, 1982.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk (featuring Phil Seamen on drums) and John Cage, excerpt from the short film Sound, 1966-67.

Weather Report, Volcano For Hire, 1982.


Suzanne said...

happy 1,000 db -- i can proudly say that i've read every one of them....

to more *clink clink*

Cleveland Bob said...

The thousandth post.

My, my,my...aren't you the prodigious little monkey. Thanks for the fun and laughs, db.

Unknown said...

Shoo be bop sha bap bop!! 1,000.....1. That's a LOT! heh.

Thanks DB - for the smiles, the grunts, the groaners, the chuckles, the laughter and the music.

But NOT for Grossin' me Out...there were a few... ;P

zencomix said...


Randal Graves said...

Volcano reports are a waste of taxpayer dollars.

microdot said...

Garr that's a lot of music for my head!
1000 posts...and it's not like you wuz makin sausages! Great stuff...
J'adore Roland Kirk!

darkblack said...

Suz: 'Clink clink' - Look what being told, 'Get your own blog, pest!' can do.

CB: It has been over 3 years, not trying to be Blog Speed King here(wink) - Insert '100 blind pigs typing on truffles' reference...Or something.

Swear to Gawd it wasn't me, Dayna - Honest.

ZC - Hot zitz!

Randal, as ever the voice of prudent reason...But what if the weather is for hire?

microdot - Rahsaan Roland Kirk is indeed most mighty and this in turn magnifies your superpowers by referencing it, I reckon.


darkblack said...

Thank you very much, CK.


Fran / Blue Gal said...

Congratulations, fellow meanie. I'm so proud to call you colleague and friend. xo

darkblack said...

What a wonderful thing to say - Thanks, BG.


Distributorcap said...

1000 - i am humbled by your brilliance and your excellence

darkblack said...

Oh DCap, you flatter me - I'm just a broken-down shmoe with silly pictures and arcane musical tastes. Thank you very much.


Larue said...

Well, a bit late to THIS party I am, but what a great milestone, and congrats to you DB, many thousands more . . . I sometimes go a while and don't click in, and then I'm mesmerized all over again.

The music always soothes, the artwork always prods.

Great combo!!!