Friday, March 20, 2009

Forty Four


Unknown said...

ahhhh..a thousand thank you's DarkBlack for Lonnie. It made my day m'dear. ;)

What will 44 do about this mess his boy Timmy helped create?

darkblack said...

You're quite welcome, Dusty. The number 44 has subjective significance for me today, apart from your President's place within a historical order.

As to what he will do...I suspect that he will continue his gamesmanship, pitting disparate entities against themselves as a strategy of eventually forced consensus...But as his chosen actors are themselves part of the problem the solution chosen is unclear to me. Dogs who soil the carpet are generally somewhat incapable of cleaning it up.


Utah Savage said...

I saw Taj in at the Fillmore West when I was maybe 23. He kept eye contact with me throughout his last song in one set, and then during the break came and had a drink with us. He kissed me on the cheek as he left the table and whispered something sweet in my ear. Then he played "Gone Fishin" So I have a very soft spot in my hard little heart for Taj. He used to come to Salt Lake just to visit a couple of women. I, sadly, was living elsewhere at the time.

Is this your forty fourth birthday baby boy?

zencomix said...

Classic stuff.I always liked the Little Feat version of 44 Blues on their first LP.

darkblack said...

According to some reputable sources it is, Utah.
Of course, I have no empiric way of knowing this, being cognitively undeveloped at the time...And my mind is ready for the Rubber Sheet Suite in the Olde Phucks Home, anyway.

Too much, too soon, too late.


darkblack said...

I would have liked to find the Rising Sons' version of Mr. Burnett's tune on Youtube as well, ZC, but no luck today.