Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Overnight

Charlie Christian, Lester Young, Freddie Green, Buck Clayton, Count Basie, Walter Page, and Jo Jones, Ad-Lib Blues, New York City, 1940

Lester Young, Bill Harris, Hank Jones, Ray Brown and Buddy Rich, Pennies From Heaven, 1950

The Lennie Tristano Sextette, Cross Current, New York City, 1949

The Miles Davis quintet, Agitation, Karlsruhe, 1967


Michael Hart said...

Wow. . .
I played all four of them at the same time; Started Miles first, then Lester, then Lennie, and then Charlie Christian.


Thanks, DB.

Utah Savage said...

Interesting progression. This is not my favorite Miles, but it's Miles and also Herbie Hancock who are my musical roots, the first music that was my own, my taste. I was out of sync with my contemporaries, but maybe I still am. Isn't there a song, Out Of Step?

darkblack said...

You're quite welcome, M.Hart - Sunday Overnight always tries to deliver the vibe...One at a time or all at once, as the listener prefers.

IMO, Miles was being pushed as far as he ever would be towards the new 'Free' in this era by Tony and Wayne (with a lesser assist by Herbie), Utah.

That said, this is around the Nefertiti/E.S.P. era, which were almost symphonies of Free in their own ways - Not as trailblazing as Ornette or Ayler, to name two, but given the large audience Miles commanded a rather bold step in keeping with his artistry.

darkblack said...


Were you thinking of They Were All Out of Step But Jim by Irving Berlin, Utah?