Monday, February 02, 2009

Blogroll 'Appreciation' Day

My minor contribution to the celebration of community.

These 5 are regular visits in my travels (as are all the worthies in the sidebar to your right) and should you choose to blogroll me, by all means let me know via email or comment so that I might reciprocate the favor.


My pal Suzanne holds down the late shift at FDL with her impeccable taste in music, and is one of those rarities in current American politics - a Republican with honor.
More of them and our troubles would be over very quickly.


Erudite, cosmopolitan, and a fellow devotee of Frank Zappa, LitBrit balances an active family life with a keen eye for politics, fashion and culture.

Bluedaze: Drilling Reform for Texas

TXSharon is a committed advocate for reform of the horrendous practices of oil companies in the great state of Texas.

Greenbush Boy

Sidney offers a superior insight into the workings of children's TV programming, and how to rescue it from the vast wasteland.

Teh Kitteh Anecdote/Antidote

Dear Valley Girl runs a blog for admirers of the feline mystique, but she's no scaredy cat - why, she even links to me.


And all the rest, no lesser lights they:

  • Dependable Renegade

  • SteveAudio

  • Colorado Bob

  • This Free Nation

  • iVoryTowerz

  • My Mind Is Going

  • Its my Right to be Left of the Center

  • Humor Has It

  • Gorilla's Guides

  • driftglass

  • Rude Pundit

  • DownWithTyranny!

  • Evergreen Politics

  • Majikthise

  • Blue Gal

  • Mock, Paper, Scissors

  • the otherwhirled

  • FranIAm

  • Monkey Muck

  • Left Of Centrist

  • Rants From The Rookery

  • Media Needle

  • Boxer Rebellion

  • Ice Station Tango

  • Zaius Nation

  • Namaste'

  • Ornery Bastard

  • make-a-(green)plan

  • distributorcap NY

  • TRex

  • Napman57

  • Cogitamus

  • Cap'n Dyke

  • Freida Bee

  • Skippy TBK

  • Yikes! - BAC

  • Comrade Kevin

  • The Culture Ghost

  • The Jade Gate

  • The Aristocrats

  • Progressive Alaska

  • Last Left Turn Before Hooterville

  • WTF Is It Now?

  • Happy Jihad's HOP

  • PhysioProf

  • Jonestown

  • Daily Dia "Tribe"

  • The Sirens Chronicles

  • I Was Just Wondering

  • ex-lion tamer

  • The Dean's Office

  • Loud Mouth Soup

  • Group News Blog

  • Stealth Lesbian

  • An Arab Woman Blues

  • the brain police

  • Max & The Marginalized

  • Social Seppeku

  • Nobody Asked...

  • Illiterate Electorate

  • Broadway Carl's Blog-O-Mania

  • at-Largely

  • L'ennui mélodieux

  • The Guys From Area 51

  • Blckdgrd

  • Lattice of Coincidence

  • bjkeefe

  • Brown Man Thinking Hard

  • Kiko's Helicopter Barbie

  • D.R.Scott's Pulp Culture

  • Taking Tiger Mountain

  • Vagabond Scholar

  • Photoshop Disasters

  • Whiskey Fire

  • Jesus' General

  • The Heretik

  • Utah Savage

  • Jon Swift

  • Padre Mickey's Dance Party

  • Wounded Bird

  • The Fluffington Post

  • Urantian Sojourn

  • SnuffDoggyDog

  • Zayrina

  • Bill In Exile

  • Disapproving Rabbits

  • Sharky's Goat Shack

  • Hysterical Raisins

  • Demeur

  • Zen Comix

  • 43-Ideas-Per-Minute

  • Wee Mousie's Cinema Burlesque

  • Long may you run


    aironlater said...

    Thanks for stopping by and adding me to your blogroll. Hope you are well.

    Deborah Newell said...

    Thank you for the kind words, DB! I'm not sure I'd use the word "balance" in any sentence containing a reference to my goodself, but all I can do is keep trying--womanhood is a wobbly pedestal on the best of days.

    I'll be doing the Amnesty thing tomorrow; right now, the cold meds are about to kick in, aaaahhhhh...


    P.S. My verification word is Feromo a (loose) Italian/Latin-to-English translation of which, as I'm sure you know, is Ironman. Awesome!

    Batocchio said...

    Cheers, db!

    Cleveland Bob said...


    Tengrain said...

    What's a night without Darkblack?

    Thanks so much for the mention, it is an honor and a pleasure to be cited here!



    Sidney said...

    Thank you for the kind shout-out. Actually, pre-school programming continues to be a joy to watch as is the brilliant Sponge-Bob; boy's action adventure could do with a shot in the arm and away from the current trend that everything must look anime. I don't know how I stumbled upon your site but am certainly glad I did.

    Phil said...

    Yer a prince DB.

    VG said...

    Hey DB!

    I have been so totally overwhelmed with my "day job" that I haven't even had time to check out your latest!

    Like, I am compiling a multiple choice exam for 170 really uh, what ever, undergrads. Not to mention that the class is at 8:30 am. And, I am NOT a morning person. Like, NOT.

    db, thanks so much for the shoutout! As I told someone recently (SA actually), my sparse blog roll consists of people to whom I owe a great debt for their early and continued help and friendship on the Toobz.

    best, vg.

    SteveAudio said...

    I consider myself lucky to be included in that list.

    Vielen dank!

    Freida Bee said...

    Thank you, Dear. I was a bad blog amnesty day girl. Thanks for linking me. I'm going to have to consider the whole blogroll thing in my case.

    bjkeefe said...

    Just catching up on my ego-surfing. Thanks for the link!