Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year To All

Happy New Year

My sincere wishes for a prosperous, healthy...and better 2009.



Demeur said...

The sad thing is that Obama predicts that things will get worse. Sad to hear the real truth after 8 years of lies. Aren't you glad you live in Canada?

darkblack said...

Sadly, there is no global escape from the onset of reality, Demeur - The only 'hope' is to work together to weather the brutal truth to come, and treat savagely those who wish to perpetrate the fictions of the past any further.


Phil said...

Happy New Year to you my man.
FTFW, eh?

Suzanne said...

happy new year db

Utah Savage said...

I fixed that unfortunate error of my sloppy ways. Sometimes a catastrophe really is an opportunity, and now I'm stealing Demeur while I 'm here letting you know I made the repair.

M.Yu said...

Best of everything to you DB!
Thanks for all your hard work this last year. You are an inspiration!

Fran said...

Happy 2009 to you dear Darkblack.

Oh what awaits us?

Utah Savage said...

Now I've copped M.Yu. This place is good pickins.

Poor Barack. He will need our help, don't you think?

darkblack said...

Good to see that your acquisition strategy continues apace, Utah.


Speaking preemptively (and perhaps a touch presumptuously), President-elect Obama has an immense amount of potential goodwill in reserve, domestically and world wide...But such things are like orchids in the frost, fragile and easy prey to circumstance.

Rapid, decisive action is required to address the massive amount of problems upon the plate (both inherent and inherited), and the people of your country along with the rest of us will need to sacrifice much...not only of time, effort and equity but also many of their cherished illusions regarding America's place in the world.

You have my hopes for a smooth transition, but my doubts that it will be so.

Distributorcap said...

happy new year to one who inspires and makes me smile -- in a time we all need it

and i apologize for all 305,000,000 of us for pushing all our crap onto Canada

darkblack said...

Canadians can be just as unenlightened and self-centered as anyone else, DCap...Witness our last election for example, with historically low turnout.
Even if one thinks the process a cynically contrived set of poor choices and therefore tainted (as many non-voters and voters alike did), using that as a rationale for avoidance of civic responsibility is a rather specious decision.
Alongside my abiding love for my native land, I have always been emphatically pro-American and will continue to be so, barring a total collapse into totalitarianism or feudalistic ways.

Should that occur, all bets are off.