Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Last CanCon Friday

I would like to thank all those who looked in or commented during my series featuring bands and artists from above the 49th parallel.
Hopefully, some of you found an enjoyable moment or two, or perhaps something that wasn't known but would have liked to have been known.

After my hiatus in August, I decided to phase out the series...due not to a paucity of representative talent to share, but time constraints on my part. And thus, I offer this imperfect coda.

Of course, talent is not and never will be restricted to geographical locations - It's everywhere, waiting to be discovered and demanded by the discerning listener.

I would heartily recommend support for your local independent bands and music scene, buying some of their merch, and keeping music alive - Do it for the kids.

In closing, allow me to end the series as it began...

...with the mighty Guess Who, playing a little tune that I would like to personally dedicate to the Vice-Presidential candidate of the American Republican party.

Merci beaucoup, mon amis


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