Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Do unto others what has been done to me

Ever Had The Feeling You've Been Anointed?

One of the best and earliest indicators (to a public not completely sunk in a miasma of their own stupidity) that George Bush and Karl Rove were craven opportunists capable of any act was their willingness to use base personal calumnies in the form of innuendos, not against an opponent themselves, but instead their families.

The racist attacks levied against then-candidate John McCain's adopted daughter in 2000 as a dog-whistle stratagem for electoral success were most effective, achieving the desired result of push-polling low-information voters in a conservative, race-sensitive environment to a negative conclusion regarding McCain, who at the time appeared to be a popular choice based on his national service records and public perceptions of character.

At the end of the day just another 'mission accomplished' for a crew of larcenous scumbags bent on looting the national exchequer upon taking office - A pattern which, if one bothers to glance at the Bush family history with a critical eye, might lead to the conclusion that this shows a genetic predisposition to crime.

Now, let us move forward to today - 2008, where we read that the Republican Presidential candidate, John McCain, the man whose daughter was so callously slandered by opponents seeking an easy win to commence their depredations, has engaged the services of one of the individuals who slandered him almost a decade ago in an attempt to bolster his standings.

I refuse to acknowledge the necessity of this act, saying as strongly as it does that there is no moral center remaining within McCain, no polluted Rubicon left to cross when a man who appears so desperate to be perceived as a 'family values' candidate will engage the services of those who used the innocents within his charge as an element of a calculatedly racist smear campaign.

"At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"


Comrade Kevin said...

Willing to do anything to win!

Vote McCain!

Fran said...

They are family values... it just depends on what kind of values...

Deep sigh. I was thinking about this a lot today. You have articulated and illustrated it beyond what I could do.

Thank you!

M.Yu said...

I heard this.
Depressing to think that there is no line that politicians won't cross.

s. douglas said...

It's not really that depressing.

Individuals will do just about anything.

What's depressing is, so many fall for it over, and over, and over again.

I was just reading about Palin's pastor.

He's delivered sermons where he implied that the Jews are getting what they deserve because they won't recognize Jesus (Of course, in hindsight, Palin disagrees with him).

Yet, not a peep from the Wingnut hate tanks, you know, the same people who went ballistic over Wright's statements?

Personally, I believe the gloves need to come off this time around. People need to have it hammered into their heads how insane the Wingnuts are, and if that means a couple of low blows, so be it.

It sure beats the alternative.