Saturday, August 30, 2008

Seat 38 On The Straight Talk Express

Seat 38 On The Straight Talk Express


Comrade Kevin said...

Yep, McCain apparently likes his running mates the way he likes his women.

Unknown said...

McCain and his lobbyist minions found their 'sucker' in Sarah babeeeeeee!

Cleveland Bob said...

Hoo Chee Mama! That is one hot tamale!

Do You Know Jaq? said...

I'm proud to say I got the ref. Deliciously obscure!

I sorely wish Frank was still alive to comment on the mess the world has become since 2001.

darkblack said...

I wager he would be disappointed in how correct his portents were, d.y.k.j.


VG said...

really late comment here-

OMG! I read the comments and, like finally got the extra brilliance of the title.

VG hangs head, fer sure that it took so long.

Canoga Park!