Friday, August 15, 2008

The Pause That Refreshes


Well, sort of.

For those with an interest, I will be returning to a more regular blogging schedule in the very near future.
At the moment, I am still ironing out the details of a relocated life, career opportunities, and the subjective rights and responsibilities therein.

I would like to thank those generous souls who continued to check in at times during my absence, and wished me well in previous threads. It is encouraging to be thought of kindly during trying times.

Additionally, it was brought to my attention by some of my correspondents that I had won a poetry contest during my absence, TedFest, held jointly by the fine readers of Progressive Alaska and FireDogLake...An honor for which I would offer gratitude to those who voted for me, and to my grandfather as well...who encouraged me to read the works of Robert W. Service to him when I was a wee tot, thus allowing me to shamelessly and effortlessly plunder that esteemed poet's work in my wizened adulthood.

Be seeing you



Freida Bee said...

Your poem is outstanding. Congrats. I look forward to your return?

smith said...

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Unknown said...

You moved m'dear?

Is this a good thing?