Sunday, June 22, 2008

Photoshop Suckers Never Play Me

Watch What You Say

My valued readers are no doubt aware that a largish component of this blog's content consists of my attempts at insolent social relevance using photographic manipulation.

Some of you have indicated to me that my abilities in this endeavor are of a reasonably high quality, which is of course the aim - that even if one does not agree with my viewpoint, the rendition itself remains of a certain standard.

Recently, a satirical piece published on Huffington Post's 23/6 blog was brought to my attention, and quite frankly I am somewhat peeved.

You see, I do this for free - no one compensates me for my work, yet I strive for quality control that doesn't insult the aesthetic sensibilities of the modern Internet addict.
The work is the goal, and I remain free of commercial considerations, as I have from this blog's inception...But somebody on 23/6's staff got paid for putting that horrid little pastiche together to reinforce a weak joke.

And so I say to those who would not do their absolute best in the act of creation within this medium of expression...

Kick out the jams, or get off the stage, motherf*cker!


Unknown said...

Holy shit batman.

And I do love your work DB, but some folks just plain ass pond scum in their feeble attempts.

M.Yu said...


Subtle and nuanced juxtaposition, insight and talent such as yours are rare in this political milieu and are unfortunately not fully appreciated nor comprehended.

Coarse imitations can never sully a true artist's work though they can sponge off the drops of sweat that fall from its creation.

I still have a place over my mantle for the Bush /Warhol banana! How much?

I could put together a full show of your work here. You have plenty fans in these parts!

Bradda said...

There's rules in bowling Smokey, this is Nam! Keep up the great work bro.

Dr. Zaius said...

You have no idea if the person that did that piece was paid, or at least payed very much, and the joke wasn't that bad. If you want a job at the Huffington Post, you should just apply.

Great Bush's Gulliver picture, by the way!

darkblack said...

Point taken, colleague Zaius, although it would be problematic to entertain the notion that no compensation was offered at all - and as one with substantial gifts in both verbal and pictorial humor such as yourself would no doubt understand, a slipshod execution of any element in a composition detracts from the whole.

I do not like to criticize my fellow artists, and indulge in it rarely - I would prefer exhortations to do better, but knowing standards as I do leaves me little room for tolerance of the untidy, unfortunately.

Unlikely HP would hire 'foreign agitators' such as I.


Thank you all for basking in my outrage - I'll shut up now.

Demeur said...

That would look like one of my feeble attempts if I were to try photoshop which I won't. I leave that to artists like yourself who are far more able.
Oh and thanks again for letting me borrow (steal) your images. At least I give credit where credit is due.

Distributorcap said...

there is only one DB -- and i love the clockwork orange look