Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Middle Name Is Danger...Baby

The Middle Name Is Danger


Deborah Newell said...

What can I say, DB? This is absolutely fabulous.

You've outdone yourself (again). Those in possession of an decent-sized attention span know that ol' Sid McCain was quite the swinger, back in the day. Hell, there are rumors that he still is (though in 2008, the words "swing" and "McNasty" conjure up the sort of visual I'd rather not contemplate at this or any hour.)

Wishing you a peaceful and enjoyable Father's Day, then!

(Is it mojito time yet?)


darkblack said...

Thank you, LB, and the same wishes to your spouse also.

If it is not yet time, let us move the clock hands forward.


Distributorcap said...


Demeur said...


I'm stealing this one.

Unknown said...

Lawd have mercy never cease to amaze me dude. ;)