Friday, March 21, 2008

CanCon Friday - Ashley MacIsaac

Don't be fooled by the fiddle...This high-kicking boy has more Rock & Roll in his dark heart than most metalheads, is a distant cousin of the White Stripes' Jack White, and can set a reel afire so that your toes cannot help but tap, unless you've turned up dead.



Phil said...

Fuckin' A, right on DB!
Not only does he kick ass on a fiddle, he sounds like a fellow crazy reading the WIKI stuff.
Too cool, great choice for a Friday.

Anonymous said...

He's good, but he's no Natalie McMaster (a cousin).

Of touring fiddlers in the Cape Breton genre, I'd put him in the top ten, near 9, or 10.

And once into the USA, there's a dozen on every corner better than him in the Carolina's, The Virginia's, Kentucky and Tennesse, alone.


Anonymous said...

And I apologize, DB, to see ANY americana, Cape Breton or bluegrass/newgrass info on ANY blog is a thrill . . . so thanks for putting him up.

'Preciate that . . . ;-)

darkblack said...

Well, LaRue, you've got to set the hook with a saucy angle, bye...I would say he's no Don Messer, but he doesn't have to be when he could be himself, y'see.


Unknown said...

Damn interesting Wiki writeup..and hell yeah..that man can sure play that fiddle! ;)