Thursday, January 24, 2008

CanCon Friday - Headpins

Dedicated readers of this weekly thumbnail history will recall earlier mentions of guitarist Brian 'Too Loud' McLeod as a member of the esteemed band Chilliwack during their flirtation with American pop success.
But at heart, Brian was a black leather-clad rock n' roller with chops and attitude, and his first stop after leaving his former employers was his own band...the Headpins.

Fronted by Darby Mills on vocals and stalwart bassist Ab Bryant, they were poised to go big stateside with songs such as Don't It Make You Feel Like Dancin'...But record company troubles, the bane of many a band, laid those plans low.

Sadly, Brian succumbed to cancer in 1992 before getting his due.
In a different form, the band continues on today.

Anecdote: Brian loved to jam, and sat in with a combo of mine a few times in the mid-'80's...on drums, one of his loves (along with his boat).

The drummer wasn't terribly keen on this as 'Too Loud' was a bit of a stage basher, notorious for not possessing a real light touch...and indeed, that night (as I recall) the tab was three pairs of broken sticks, two cracked cymbals and a limply hanging kick drum pedal.

The look on the drummer's face upon surveying the carnage in front of a crowd ecstatically screaming for encore...Priceless.



Phil said...

I'll be damned, the more I think about it, the more I want to say I actually have a Headpins album stashed in my record collection!
That is going to be a priority for me in this coming year, I am going to build up a new sound system and dig all that out of storage. My neighbors are going to hate my guts.

darkblack said...

IMO, the one to have is Turn It Loud, from which the post's song comes from, B.

The other issues might be a trifle sketchy, but not that one.

Unknown said...

I now look forward to your music vids just as much as your fine political artwork DB..this was very good! I of course downloaded it(thank god for Xilisoft)..thank you kind sir ;)

darkblack said...

You're quite welcome, Dusty.

Personally, I'm not 100% on the homemade video itself (too many spinning widgets in space), but the audio is clear and that's all that should matter...We can always close our eyes, but never our ears.

Unknown said...

Xilisoft allows me to d/l the audio portion only as an mp3, so I really don't care about the video part ;)

darkblack said...

That's a clever workaround...Why suffer from unsightly pixels?


Unknown said...

lol..I don't need the pixels to play the tune on my mp3 player ;)