Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cupid's Dream For Certain

'But all the gold in Vegas won't bring Caesar back from the dead'

Caesar's Palace Blues, by U.K.


M.Yu said...

You must be a real prog rock aficionado! What a collection of musicians who went through this group.
Nice find, You Tube always amazes!

darkblack said...

It does, doesn't it, m. yu? A glowing cultural repository for the digital age, the history of the world's music presented unblinkingly for all to peruse according to their needs.

As for prog - Indeed, it was my era...Where musical standards were high and most likely, so were the performers.


M.Yu said...

Mahavishnu Orchestra was one of my favorites. You Tube has some cool vids of them also.
Nice for the flashback!