Monday, October 08, 2007

You'll Have To Dig Deeper Than That, Karl

Pick Your Moment

Washington Post:

At the end of the interview, (Rove) asked that his quotes be sent to the White House first. "I'm still a cog in the great machine," he explained.

But even the cog does not want to be identified solely by his ties to the president. He knows he will go down in history as Bush's "architect," but he thinks he can expand his identity beyond just that. "It's not like my life from here forward is going to be defined by it," he said. "I have a chance to create something else. I'm not just going to be typecast as, 'Oh, that's the Bush guy.' "

I beg to differ.

Rove, your life from this point on is defined precisely by your role in the wanton destruction that your benefactors have wreaked.

You and your minions sought power for power's sake, used tragedy for personal gain, cheapened greater brands for short-term profit, poisoned the well of reasoned discourse, and sacrificed human lives...Deeming them expendable because they weren't members of the investor class that you so slavishly serve.

All this is what you will be remembered for, long after you have passed on to the dust from whence you came.

There will be no image rehabilitation, no acceptance of Atwater-style deathbed recanting...And no understanding hands reaching from across the ideological divide when you pretend an epiphany because all other posturing has failed.

There is no mercy for you here.


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Excellent post!


dguzman said...

Excellent post, DB. Rove will DEFINITELY be forever tied to the lies and thievery of this administration. He makes me wish I believed in a hell.