Monday, October 08, 2007

I Can See A Big Reunion...How Could We Go Wrong, Now?

"You might even see Howdy Doody grooving with the squares"


A happy Thanksgiving and Columbus day to all.


Madam Z said...

You are a genius! I just discovered your blog, from a post by Tengrain. Not only are your politics AOK with me, but your ideas for and execution of photo manipulation are excellent. Thank you for sticking it to 'em!

darkblack said...

Thank you for your most kind words, Madam Z.

boreal said...

Hi Dark, Are you related to Lewis?
Here we thought that we were alone in hearing strange melodic echoes from the past.
Excellent work.
You might get a kick out of "What to do.." said the Rabbit, at 'boreal moonlight' and we're still pissed that the invite to the Garden's for the wedding was, evidently mislaid in the post.
Cheers from the GWN, g