Wednesday, December 09, 2015

You're Fried, Redux

You're Fried

I don't care what some hypothetical disenfranchised bigot -

A) ...whose self-reinforcing negative interior state permits them to entertain the notion of voting for a silver-spoon-in-the-gullet-from-birth financially under-performing 'bailout queen' blowhard who:
B) ...has and will always hold them in utter contempt,
C) ...and who just wants their grubby votes so he can turn the world -
(that is, the parts that wouldn't be carpet bombed out of existence )
...into a giant self-branded rich whites-only country club & casino that they can spend the rest of their miserable lives vicariously looking through the 3-strand barbed wire & chain link fence at,
D) ...praying that one, pleez Jebus just one of the beautiful elites white-liveried servants will throw over some table scraps for their starving brood...or perhaps even a gravy-stained power tie that they can hang themselves from an oak tree with when the truth finally sinks in,
E) ...that truth being: just because one shares a 'value' with a racist elite, (to wit: racism) that does not and never will make you one of them.



That is all


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T_P_K said...

I wish I had said that.
But I'm really glad that you did.

Nice to see this from you!