Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Memes In Old Bottles 21 - A Jomentous Occasion

The Kvetch Who Stole Coverage

The Kvetch Who Stole Coverage, 2009.

Those of my readers who have been following the progress of this blog over time may have been aware of the special place that Joe Lieberman has held within these fact, the very first post of darkblack was a tribute to the loyal qualities that this public servant exhibited on a regular basis. Much of my early artistic notoriety stemmed from a work which attempted to reflect the ham-fisted, yet breezy approach to race relations in an electoral season that the worthy senator so doggedly embodied.

However, all such wonderment must betimes come to an end, and I have been told that a party was thrown, yet no one came...And this, of course makes darkblack sad to think that such a valued muse could be treated so thoughtlessly by a fickle public.

And so dear reader, allow yourself a review of some of the many standout performances and appearances of Joe over the years, as we wish the retiring senator 'rots of ruck' in his new self-enrichment career to come...which will no doubt not be markedly different from his previous self-enrichment career, save in the amount of said self-enrichment.

One Of Those

Best Served Cold, 2010.


Steeped In Blood, 2007.

Mr. Joe's Wrangled

You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet, 2007.

Swine Flew

Soaring On The Wings Of Pigs, 2009.

Regrets, I've Had A Few

The Old Mutt And Jeff Game, 2009.

The Old Switcheroo

I'd Rather Switch..., 2007.

Time Bombs Are A Churl's Best Friend

Time Bombs Are A Churl's Best Friend, 2008.

One Sows And Another Reaps

One Sows And Another Reaps, 2008.


The Liebertross, 2010.



zencomix said...

Perhaps if we're lucky, a girl named Lucille will mess his mind up, and he'll catch the gonocacacaca from Larry Craig's toilet seat.

Cleveland Bob said...

Thanks for the memories. Pal Joey may just be my fave.

T_P_K said...

You weewy weewy wuvved him...

darkblack said...

ZC - I think Dinah Moe Humm and Donna Dyuwanna spoiled Joe for Lucille's peasant charms.

CB - It's the end of an error, isn't it?

T - Lieberman gave many reasons to progressives (and sentient beings in general) for why he was unsuitable for the office he held...sadly, his legacy will be continuing for a time to come, as he is now free to inflict himself upon America from a more private and personally remunerative perch.

The ancient 'controversy' over my depiction of him would not have occurred save for an injudicious slip by another, but as a minor side benefit it did call attention to what lay beneath his sanctimonious mask for a time...regrettably, not enough to offset the Republican money bomb that was generated in '06 to keep him exactly where he was.

More years lost to waste and greed.


Phil said...

Awwe, I was hoping for old times sake that you would put up The One.
You know which one I am talking about too.
The One that caused the Big Shit Storm.

Oh well, I still have the memory.

I too, have been impatiently waiting for that no good cocksuckers last day and laughed hysterically when I heard he gave a twenty minute going away speech on the Senate floor and nobody showed up.
There is your clue Short ride.
Nobody likes your sorry ass so just hurry the fuck up and go away.

Merry Christmas DB.

darkblack said...


There is a link in the post for those who are curious.
Due to the controversy surrounding the image, I have sworn not to redisplay or license it myself...leaving such exhibitions to the oh-so-sensitive on the Right, who have displayed it without cease or permission for over half a decade now. Let that be another tell as to their true intentions.

For myself, I refuse to allow further attempts at playing the victim from certain parties to stem from my actions - the Liebermans, Hanittys, and Becks of the world will have to live without my provocation in that regard. To Hell with them.

A merry Christmas to you and yours as well. May the year to come see us all lifted higher.


Phil said...

Well the world hasn't ended so far today so I wanted to swing back by. I had to go to work and missed your reply earlier.

I can understand how ya feel about it bud, I was on that thread and I remember people shitting little green apples and the resulting shit storm.
I really only have one thing to say.

Dude, you have been one of my internet heroes for years now.
We go back a long time and I don't think I have ever told you that.

Happy New year.

I quit drinking six months ago but I am going to be seriously tempted when that weasel motherfucker Lieberman finally has to walk away for good. We have both been waiting for that moment for a long God damned time.

T_P_K said...

Db,as one who believes that all things work together for good, consider that your depictions of the Lie ber man, Hanitys or Becks will eventually if they haven't already, create more good by virtue of their existence than any temporary "evil" (real or imagined) cited by those on the business end of your skewer.

To hell with them, indeed; but those who can help them get there, should; their victimhood be damned as well.
Just sayin.

Happy Holidays my friend!