Friday, May 11, 2012

Old Memes In New Bottles 7 - A Fool & His Money...

One Of You Shall Betray Conservatism

Recently, Sean Hannity (long a favorite subject of mine) entertained a guest who apparently dabbles in some sort of political/religious art sideline.
Normally, this would not hold much interest for me - been there done that, and so forth - but my ears pricked up when a matter involving exchange of lucre for one of the artist's creations was tendered, garnering a hard-filched fetish that Hannity will no doubt use as a goad on the filthy liberals that bedevil him so.
I certainly won't criticize the artist here, if for no other reason than he appears to be working the 'opposite corner of the boulevard' (so to speak), and a finger pointed usually gets three back (like Mom says)...So, good on you Jon McNaughton for gaffing such a well-heeled mark to foist your multiple metaphors upon.


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