Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sunday Overnight

Howard Roberts, Girl Talk, 1965.

Ronnie Laws, Never Be The Same, 1975.

Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters, Palm Grease, 1974.

Carla Bley and Steve Swallow, Lawns, 1987.

Tuck & Patti, Castles Made Of Sand / Little Wing, 1989.


Michael said...

Wow, just wow! You sir have one of the most eclectic tastes in music that I've ever seen. What makes it so appealing is that it is GOOD, you seem to go for the top in all the genres, Good for you sir, and good for us! That Carla Bley piece was very entertaining, thank you for sharing. You have got to check out her site
what a concept, a Jazz Prison theme!

darkblack said...

Thank you, Michael...I just try to feature music for music's sake, unfortunately not always an easy task within today's consumer matrix.
Indeed, I did check out Ms. Bley's site and an interesting concept it is.